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Saturday, May 8, 2010


About Site:
GlobalTestMarket is quite old. They have made their name in Market Research Industry.
  GlobalTestMarket give you MarketPoints rather than Cash. You can redeem when you reach minimum payout limit i.e. 1000 MarketPoints. These points are awarded whenever a paid survey is completed, or a profile is filled out. Each point is worth $0.05 USD.
  They send you a lot of Surveys every month. You can earn good money if you participate in Surveys seriously. The GTM interface is simple and functional.
 There is a $300 daily prize and a $5,000 monthly prize. Every time you complete a survey you will recieve 3 sweepstakes entries, and every time you start a survey but don’t finish you will be rewared with 1 entry, so there are plenty of chances to win.
Weak Points:
  While there is generally a fair amount of surveys available through GTM on a regular basis, it can be hard to qualify for a lot of them. There is a lot of surveys looking for very specific people, so don’t expect to qualify for the majority of surveys you start. Thankfully you will still be compensated for your time.
  You can find many people on different forums having a lot of problems with GlobalTestMarket. Majority of them are unhappy about disqualifying after answering 20 questions and spending 10 minutes. Sometimes these figures can be greater.
 They pay by cheque so, it take a lot of time to actually getting paid.

Overall rating: 7/10
  They have a wide variety of surveys available on a regular basis, and their payouts are fair and often generous. If you’re looking to add another survey site to your list, Global Test Market is definitely a good choice.
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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Global Survey Market

About Site :
Global Survey Market is a great online community where members participate in market research, in exchange for money.

Founded in 2000, Global Survey Market has a tremendous track record as one of the most trusted paid survey sites online today.

Global Survey Market has millions of members spread across more than one hundred countries around the world, and has paid out over 10 million dollars, since it's First day.

Benefits :
Global Survey Market has a unique method to pay users. All of Global Survey Market users have their unique Ranks. Their Rank decides all the revenue.

If your Rank is high means you are one of their Top Rank User, You will get paid about 50$ per Survey.

If you are a new User then you will be able to earn 0.25$ to 2$ per Survey. As you use the site, Your Rank will change.

Increasing your Rank is very Simple. You have to follow some Simple Rules. Some of the Basic Rules are:

1. Never break any rule.
2. Give the answers genuinely & best of your knowledge.
3. Complete Survey on time and never miss any survey.
4. If the Survey topic is technical or difficult for you, you should collect information before answering a question.
5. Refer your friends and family members to Global Survey Market.
6. Give us feedback regularly about the Bugs, Errors and Changes in website.

Other benefits of Higher Rank:
1. No. of Surveys invitations increases.
2. Payment per Survey will be more.
3. You will get new ways to earn money from this site.
4. Special Gifts.
5. Special downloads.
6. Better contact us support.

Weak Points :
 GSM doesn't support referral program. If you make much of survey earnings by referring people, Global Survey Market should not be your first choice.

Overall rating : 9/10
   Survey invitations are very frequent. Payment per survey is good and increases as you show your loyalty. You will get free products to evaluate. If you want to make serious money by taking Surveys, Global Survey Market should be your First choice.

Join Global Survey Market Here